A 4-day introductory bootcamp to using design methods for innovation that gets leaders and teams immersed in a real challenge.

By posting up in our OCAD U CO studio — and getting out into the field — you’ll become familiar with how human-centred design, creative methods, and innovation tools can lead to new and unexpected solutions that create new opportunities for your organization.​


Who should attend?

Senior leaders and their teams who want to develop a shared understanding and language for design-led innovation

Capacity: 10-35

Length: Typically 4 days

You will learn:

Take observations from today’s world to imagine what tomorrow might look like.

Human-centred design​

Using design-led methods to understand trends and plausible futures; and how those insights can lead to better decisions today.


Generate, deepen, and test unexpected solutions that solve user needs

Generate & prototype

Define and communicate the business value your solution could produce

Build a business case​

This will help you...

  • Find better customer insights based on true need-finding
  • Create a shared language for your team when discussing design and innovation
  • Build the case for sparking a design-led movement at your organization
  • Better solve problems via collaboration amongst diverse team members
  • Build-to-think; by creating rapid prototypes to test ideas in hours, not weeks or months

Want to learn more?

Talk to us about your team and we’ll help you identify the best solution to suit your needs.

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I’m the Managing Director of OCAD U CO.

For over a decade, I’ve been helping large organizations develop radical customer-centricity through design-led innovation. I’ve gone end-to-end on breakthrough innovation projects: from identifying new and emerging opportunities, to standing up MVP launches with tens of thousands of users.

My work has involved leading strategy, capability-building, and breakthrough concept development efforts for firms like BMO, Great-West Life, Barrick, City of Toronto, RBC, TD, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), and others.

Prior to leading OCAD U CO, I led large-scale design-led innovation programs for some of Canada’s largest organizations at Doblin, the human-centred innovation consultancy at Deloitte.

I’m a proud OCAD U alum, with a Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation.